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What is Rolfing?

Rolfing structural integration (‘Rolfing®’) is a bodywork that focuses on structural alignment. It works the body’s connective tissue (fascia). Rolfing looks at a person’s postural strain patterns, unwinding layers of lesions and investigating coordination through movement.

The aim of Rolfing is to mobilize and hydrate the areas of fascia that are stuck in a solid state and thus, systematically free the torsions and strains in the body.  Although there is still little known about fascia, there is speculation that it plays a significant role in the body as ground substance that the subtle energy, or “chi” travels.  There is also some new research about nerve entrapment in fascia, and how mobilizing fascia can improve nerve function and organ motility.

The ten series is a hallmark of the Rolfing method.  It is a full body, fascia manipulation and movement therapy that is broken up into ten, hour to hour and a half sessions.  Each session aims to open, differentiate, and integrate a part of the body.  The therapist aims to free restrictions trapped in areas of the body that are specific to each persons bone structure and habitual movement patterns.  The practitioner furthermore facilitates awareness, and re-education with the client and guides them to deeper understanding of their body system.  After completing a ten series, a person is better aligned, better educated, and more empowered to carry an improved body and awareness into their life.

littleboy_185wThe Rolfing method can also be organized into specialized interventions to treat specific injuries or problem sites. A practitioner designs a method that releases strain patterns affecting the injury site, and guides the client to new movement patterns that shift the inhibited alignment pattern.


  • 1.5 hour session ($100)
  • 3 series intervention ($250)
  • Full Ten Series ($900)

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